Why not

Reward with EASE


Design bespoke rewardable events

Rewardable behaviors of your audience are unique and change over time.

Loyalty Engine

Powerful loyalty engine to ingest any data source

If you have the data, our system can read it and reward against it. 

CRM & Marketing

User communications & marketing support

Marketing & communications via text, email or in-app. Let us control your marketing and support CRM activity for you

Discover all the ways we can work with your business. 

NO matter how small or large. We help businesses engage, reward & incentivise the behaviors of their target audience.

We believe in making loyalty solutions fair and accessible for all.

We are a white label loyalty and marketing SAAS platform that allows businesses to acquire, understand, engage, and retain customers, no matter how small your business our frictionless technology can be yours. With a powerful loyalty & marketing engine behind it, now you too can understand Loyalty with our ongoing support and tech stack.

Gift Cards for your customers

Products for your customers

Online and In-store Partners for your customers

Leverage our core tech but standalone as your own app. Our solution and tech scales with your user base and points requirements. We are experts in the Loyalty so you can focus on your core business.